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When it comes to revalidation people tend to have a lot of questions and queries please see the links below for more information:

Doctor Revalidation: 

Revalidation is the process by which all licensed doctors are required to demonstrate on a regular basis that they are up to date and fit to practise in their chosen field and able to provide a good level of care. This means that holding a licence to practise is becoming an indicator that the doctor continues to meet the professional standards set by the GMC and the specialists standard set by the medical Royal Colleges and Faculties.

Revalidation aims to give extra confidence to patients that their doctor is being regularly checked by their employer and the GMC.  Licensed doctors have to revalidate usually every five years, by having annual appraisal based on our core guidance for doctors, Good medical practice.

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If you are an organisation who wants more information on how to support doctors with appraisal and revalidation please click here.

Nurse Revalidation:  

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is introducing a new process of revalidation from April 2016.  Whether you practice as a nurse or midwife in direct care, or support practice through leadership, policy, research or education, every registrant will have to complete the revalidation process in order to remain on the NMC register, and this will take place every three years (you must still pay your annual retention fee every year to the NMC to retain your registration).

Helpful books: 


  • Revalidation Safe: Safe Portfolio is an innovative company providing effective, beneficial and compliant solutions to individuals, the public sector and private companies of all sizes across the UK.  They provide a Free resource for healthcare professionals and NHS employers helping simplify the revalidation process in accordance with NMC requirements
  • NMC:  For the NMC guide please click here.  For advice and support please go to

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