How to Join?

Guide to levels, prices, benefits & rules:

The MCA is a membership body that welcomes all health care professionals.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Up to 50% reduced rate to attend the MCA annual symposium or any MCA events
  • Free attendance st the MCA AGM with annual Max Glatt lecturer
  • Access to the members-only area of the MCA website containing downloadable and printable information and resources for all health professionals
  • A quarterly newsletter with articles on the latest alcohol research and suthored by leaders in the field of alcohol and addicition
  • A significantly reduced rate for the journal 'Alcohol & Alcoholism'

Membership Types:

There are five different types of membership:




Band A



Band B

All health professional students (E.g. Medical, nursing etc.)


Band C

Other associated organisations


Band D

Nurses and all professionals allied to medicine


Band E

Doctors & Dentists


Band F

Junior Doctors


Within these types of membership there is the option of having a basic membership; membership with online access to the Alcohol & Alcoholism Journal; or online access and a hardcopy of the Alcohol & Alcoholism Journal.  To include online access to the journal the cost would be £16+VAT, for online and hardcopy of the journal the cost would be £51.  

To download a copy of our membership booklet click here.