Resources to order

The MCA does a range of educational activities, these include:

    • Alcohol & Health Handbook: Very useful book for students, nurses and junior doctors about alcohol & health
    • Statistical Bookmark: useful information with up to date statistics on health effects, Doctors and alcohol, levels of drinking, societal effects of drinking and the cost to the NHS of alcohol related harm
    • Student Drinking Postcards: three ranges of postcards, designed by students to give a graphical representation of drinking. All three have different statistical information on the reverse
    • Joint MCA/BMA Leaflet 'You , Your Patients and Alcohol': informational booklet on alcohol related harm, how to measure units, looking at the alcohol content of beverages, levels of alcohol consumption and the effects of alcohol misuse on the body. This is available both as a downloadable PDF and to order for free via the website shop.

*All the above items can be ordered for free (apart from the handbook) via the online shop

If you are ordering from a medical school due to the high volume of items it is always advisable to email your order to  In addition the cost of handbooks is greatly reduced and is £2 per copy rather than £15 per copy and again should be ordered directly with the MCA office.