The MCA Symposium

2017 was the MCA's 50th Anniversary.  See here for special Anniversary Events as well as the Annual 2017 Symposium:

MCA Symposium Alcohol & Medicine: Past, Present and Future - 15th November 2017

MCA Witness Seminar 50 Years of MCA & Alcohol Treatment - 14 November 2017 - Transcript of the event here  Professor Virginia Berridge's report on the Witness Seminar in Alcohol & Alcoholism here

MCA First Ever Nurses' Symposium - 12 September 2017

The MCA Symposium is its annual educational event. To view the programmes for previous years click on the symposium titles below:

Alcohol and health harm; what can doctors, nurses and other professionals do? - 16th November 2016

Alcohol; Health, Well-being & Work - 11th November 2015

Alcohol & Older People - 19th November 2014

Alcohol & The Acute Hospital - 14th November 2013

Alcohol & Adolescence, Causes, Consequences and Solutions – 14th November 2012

Alcohol Policy in the UK and Alcohol use in the Military– 16th November 2011

To view the previous symposium presentations please click here

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