MCA Membership

Guide to levels, prices, benefits & rules:

Types of Membership

There are five different types of membership - click on the Band that is relevent to you to go to start the joining process.  Alternatively contact the MCA directly to arrange a standing order.




Band A



Band B

All health professional students & Junior Doctors (E.g. Medical, nursing etc.)


Band C

Hospital Wards


Band D

Nurses and all professionals allied to medicine


Band E

Doctors & Dentists


Band F

Other Associated organisations



Non voting supporter


Within these types of membership there is the option of having a basic membership; membership with online access to the Alcohol & Alcoholism Journal; or online access and a hardcopy of the Alcohol & Alcoholism Journal.  To include online access to the journal the cost would be £16+VAT, for online and hardcopy of the journal the cost would be £51.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Up to 50% reduced rate to attend the MCA annual symposium or any MCA events
  • Free attendance st the MCA AGM with annual Max Glatt lecturer
  • Access to the members-only area of the MCA website containing downloadable and printable information and resources for all health professionals
  • A quarterly newsletter with articles on the latest alcohol research and suthored by leaders in the field of alcohol and addicition
  • A significantly reduced rate for the journal 'Alcohol & Alcoholism'

To become a member of the MCA register online.  If you have any issues contact us 020 7487 4445 or at 

Payment Methods

There are multiple ways to pay for MCA subscription:

  1. Use the online service via the website and pay via PayPal
  2. Fill in a members form and standing order form and send it into the MCA office for processing
  3. Fill in a members form and send it to the MCA offices along with a cheque (please note that cheque payments so incur a further £5 admin fee on top of membership subscription)

Gift Aid

The MCA relies heavily on the generousity of its members and as such it would be much appreciated if when joining you could fill ina GiftAid form.

Rules of Membership:

How to renew or cancel your membership

The MCA membership runs from January to December and can be renewed either via a standing order submitted to your bank or via the MCA website.  For more information, please visit

If you would like to cancel your MCA membership, please inform the MCA in writing. Please include your name, membership number if you know it and when you would like your membership to be cancelled. Please allow one month for this to be processed. Please note that annual memberships that have already been paid for cannot be refunded. You will continue to receive your membership benefits until the membership expires.

Please note that MCA memberships cannot be transferred unless under special circumstances. Please call the MCA to discuss this if necessary.

MCA membership regulations

  • The MCA reserve the right to refuse membership applications if they are deemed unsuitable
  • The MCA reserve the right to terminate any existing membership should there be reason to do so
  • If a complaint about you has been upheld by the GMC, or any other relevant governing body, please let the MCA know immediately

*If you are a regional advisor please log on as usual.  You will then see that there are certain pages on the website that only you have access to.