About the MCA

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MCA Vision & USP

Our vision is to have a workforce of health professionals educated and supported to reduce health harm from alcohol.

The MCA is an independent charity of health professionals from all medical specialties, without links to the government or the alcohol industryWe are dedicated to improving the understanding and management of alcohol-related health harm.

MCA Mission

  • We aim to ensure that all doctors, medical students, nurses and other professionals allied to medicine understand the risks to their patients from alcohol and act effectively to prevent and manage these.
  • We work with health care professionals to increase their understanding of the risks associated with their own alcohol consumption and of the measures to address these.
  • We promote scientific advancement in the understanding, prevention and management of alcohol related harm through our Journal and other publications and activities.
  • We work with organisations on public health and policy interventions to reduce alcohol related harm.




The MCA is active in 4 main spheres: