History of the MCA

The MCA was officially formed in 1969 by:

  • Clement Price Thomas  Surgeon 
  • Francis Edward Camps  Pathologist 
  • Max Meier Glatt            Psychiatrist 
  • Noel H. Moynihan         GP 
  • A. Lawrance Abel          Surgeon 
  • Harold Charles Stewart Pharmacologist 
  • Herbert Davis Chalke    Medical Practitioner

The idea behind founding the MCA came into being on 20th April 1967 when 50 founder members met at the BMA to elect officers and discuss future policy.  Sir Clement Price Thomas was the first chair of the organisation.  in his opening speech he felt "there had been amble evidence of an urgent need for a representative medical body to concern itself with the problems of alcoholism".

The first executive members of the board were:

Sir Clement Price Thomas

John Philip Wyndham Hughes

Max Meier Glatt

Francis Edward Camps

John Ian George Pickering

Noel Henry Moynihan

Alexander David Cameron

William Ivor Neil Kessel

Harold Charles Stewart

John Francis Desmond Murphy

Astor Balfour Sclare

Spencer Madden

Thomas Henry Bewley

Myrddin Evans

David Lewis Davies

Sean Desmond McGrath

Edward Lincoln Williams

Herbert David Chalke

The MCA's Memorandum of Association can be viewed here.