Useful Information

The MCA provides a range of useful information that health professionals and medical students can use in their own education and also to help educate others abouts alcohol related harm:

Reports Recently published reports by renowned organisations on alcohol related topics. For example reports from the government, BASH and NCEpod.
Guidelines Series of guidelines relating to alcohol and health (eg. NICE guidelines).
Statistics Every year the death statistics are published categorising causes of death.
International classifications There are a series of different classifications with regards to alcohol, such as DSM V and ICD 10.
Screening Tools Downloadable screening questionaires such as AUDIT, CAGE etc. as well as alcohol history taking.
Fast Facts Substance Misuse in the Undergraduate Programme (SMUG) produced a series of Fast Facts for students in every speciality, for example alcohol misuse in emergency medicine (*MCA paid members only).
Drinking Diary Downloadable diary sheets to help record alcohol intake and work out the units for comparison with recommended daily allowances.
Alcohol related syndromes Alcohol can affect every part of the body and can result in series of different syndromes, such as FASD, Wernicke Encephalopathy and Wernicke Korsakoff
Useful Apps A range of healthcare organisations create useful apps to help when taking medical histories, counting alcohol calories and units etc.
Courses A range of universities and Royal Colleges run courses every year on substance misuse.

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Other Educational Material

The MCA does a range of free educational material, other than publications. These are listed below:

  • Statistical Bookmark: useful information with up to date statistics on health effects, Doctors and alcohol, levels of drinking, societal effects of drinking and the cost to the NHS of alcohol related harm
  • Student Drinking Postcards: three ranges of postcards, designed by students to give a graphical representation of drinking. All three have different statistical information on the reverse
  • Joint MCA/BMA Leaflet 'You , Your Patients and Alcohol': informational booklet on alcohol related harm, how to measure units, looking at the alcohol content of beverages, levels of alcohol consumption and the effects of alcohol misuse on the body. This is available both as a downloadable PDF and to order for free via the website shop.