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We hold annual cash prize competitions for all health professionals in training, including medical students, nursing and midwifery students and recently qualified doctors.  The objective of these prizes is to encourage research and understanding on alcohol and health harm.



MCA Legacy Essay Competition

The MCA Legacy essay competition is held every year by the MCA. Prizes are awarded to the Medical Students whose essay best answers the adjudicators' chosen title. 

The MCA 2021-2022 Essay Competition is NOW OPEN:

MCA Legacy Essay Competition 2021-2022

You are a newly qualified doctor. On a ward round you believe you can smell alcohol on a senior colleague and their behaviour seems somewhat different from usual. How would you address this situation? What might be the difficulties in doing so?

Write a 3,000 word essay referenced in the Vancouver style to address this topic.  The word count does not include references, diagrams and tables. Your answer should take into consideration the guidance of the General Medical Council and NHS policy on alcohol in the workplace. How common a situation is this? What help is available in the United Kingdom for doctors with an alcohol problem and how effective is such help? In your account make reference as to how you might monitor for and ensure future sobriety in a doctor who is impaired in this way in order to protect patients.

Opens: 1 February 2022 Closes: 1 May 2022

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The winning entries will receive:

1st Place    £500

2nd Place   £300

3rd Place    £200 

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MCA Quality Improvement Prize 

This competition is open to all medically qualified trainee doctors in any specialty working in the UK, all grades below consultant grade. You should report a completed audit, clinical governance or quality improvement project on an alcohol-related health harm topic and reflect current best practice guidelines/evidence. The topic can reflect the full range of interventions from prevention to detection to treatment.

The MCA 2021-2022 Quality Improvement Prize is NOW CLOSED.  Winners will be announced in May 2022.

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The winning entries will receive:

1st Place    £750

2nd Place   £500

3rd Place    £300


National Alcohol Awareness Day Competition 

The MCA NAAD competition is held every two years and is usually a design competition.  It is open to all current UK Medical, Nursing and Midwifery students. 

Winners Announced: National Alcohol Awareness Day (NAAD) Competition 2020-2021

Alcohol - from freshers to finals and beyond

The competition is to design a screen saver comprising up to three slides which could be used by your medical/nursing/midwifery student union to inform and advise students about their use of alcohol and ways of managing this. You may want to consider the pressures on students to drink, the risks involved throughout your studies and onto professional life and the resources to mitigate these.

Opened: 1 March 2021 Closed: 1 July 2021 

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The winners are:

1st Prize: Caroline Low Ee Ming, University of St Andrews

2nd Prize: Jeel Shukla, University of Manchester

3rd Prize: Jack Hughes, University of Sheffield

With thanks to the judges: Dr Iain Smith, Dr Mark Wrigley, Rakhee Bashar

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